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We sell Hustle Butter here at the shop ($10 1 oz, little goes a long way, also doubles as a great lip balm) This vegan product contains: shea butter, mango seed butter, aloe and coconut oil.

For your basic tattoo care needs leave dry lock bandage (any bandage other than Saniderms four day bandage) on for 1- 4 hours. DO NOT reapply the same bandage, as this may cause risk of infection.

No swimming pools, lakes, saunas or hot tubs for two weeks (showering is fine, no soaking or submerging your new body art). No tanning for the next six months. Once tattoo has healed, use SPF +30 when exposed to sun or UV Rays. (Pro tip: use sunscreen on tattoos even years later to keep your art like new, this helps preservation)

NO ITCHING SCRATCHING OR PICKING!!! Gently pat the area if itching occurs. If scabs occur, allow them to naturally fall off. Washing your tattoo. This act should be performed 2x a day. Moisturizing should be performed 3-5 times a day. Wash your hands before cleaning the tattoo. Use a mild antibacterial, unscented soap (fancy words for gold dial) liquid pump soap is preferred, as bars tend to collect more bacteria. Wash and rinse with warm water. Gently work the soap into a sudsy lather and use your finger tips in a circular motion to clean the area.

Air dry for 20 minutes. In a hurry? Pat dry tattoo with a clean paper towel (the key is to use something disposable or one use)Avoid rubbing, as this will irritate the tattoo. Once tattoo is completely dried apply moisturizer. Moisturize with a very thin layer of our shop favorite, Hustle Butter. Lubriderm, Curel, Jergens or Cetaphil white lotion work great as well (unscented is key)

Avoid Aveeno, as they use microscopic exfoliants that slough off dead skin, including your healing tattoo.

DO NOT over moisturize, as this may cause ink loss, water pimples and blisters. Keep in mind it is normal for your tattoo to appear dull and foggy and to have some ink loss; this is all part of the healing process.

If you shall develop any fevers, redness or heat from your new tattoo, this may be a sign of an infection and you should contact your physician immediately. We cannot provide any type of medical advice. For any other questions or concerns call the shop at 218.236.8560.

Caring for your new tattoo.

We are here for all your aftercare needs.

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